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Andrew R.

You can pay extra at places for towel service. You can pay extra for personal training. Extra for less people at the gym. Blah blah blah. This is not that kind of place. When did it become cool to go to a boxing gym with an espresso bar? If you want to go somewhere that teaches you go kick ass, this is it. This gym is very reasonably priced, with very good employees that beat you to the bone, but you only feel it after because you’re having such a good time. I wish it were larger because so many people show up at the 7-8 class but overall I’m really happy to train at this gym.


Barry G.

Just turned 51 and had my full head to toe annual check up at MedCan which also includes treadmill stress test, strength and mobility tests. A++, scored off the charts, well above average…..and better than over 10 years ago. Core to my conditioning and overall fitness is my workout at Stockyards Boxing. This place is great, joined in July, results obvious. Atmosphere, very friendly and supportive no matter what your goal…whether you are there to learn how to box and compete or just to participate in the workout classes. The thing that is great about this place is you walk away with a super workout regardless of your level of conditioning, amazingly, it really is a one place fits all. Richard, Junmar and Phil run a great operation. And the price…they don’t charge enough in my opinion given the instruction.

D. H.

Have been looking for a good boxing gym on the city since I moved here and I have now found it! Attended my first class tonight and will now be going here on a regular basis.
Really low key and great vibe to the gym, and a killer workout to boot.  Seems like a great team running this spot, and at the reasonable rates you’d be missing out not to check them out!


Paul B

I have been a member of Stockyards since it opened about three years ago. I have also attended other boxing gyms. I have to say this is the bast I have attended.
What impresses me so much about this place is that the amazing patience the coaches and instructors have. They will let you learn at your own level. Whether it be the fitness classes, or the competitive boxing. Although they have certain expectations as any good coach should, they do not rush you or in any way get impatient if you don’t learn something as quickly as others.
If you are there to train as a competitive boxer, and show a serious interest in the sport, they will work with you regardless of how quickly you can learn.
The fitness classes are “killer”, and the fitness instructors will encourage you to work hard, as they should, but they are not “pushy”.
This gym is a legal registered boxing gym with certified coaches, so full-contact sparring is allowed for anyone in the competitive program who is ready.  They also offer classes for kids (Fitness and boxing).
Private lessons are also available, usually for an additional fee.
Overall, the best boxing and fitness facility in Toronto.
Aside from writing a short novel, I can’t really say any more about it other than, give it a try


Denis Breda

I love it there and I will miss it. The classes are torture, a good torture! I like Junmar’s classes the most but I have been to classes with other instructors and they are also great. Hopefully I will be back soon.


Tim Hatch

I loved stockyards! Richard and Junmar are great guys. I was a member for two years give or take. I only stopped going as I moved house to Oakville.  Stockyards is one of the very best places I have ever trained and I miss Junmar’s coaching and the great people at the gym! I made a lot of friends there and saw brilliant results in my fitness and physique. I wish the gym all the best for the future and hope to be able to drop in now and again.
Thanks, Tim


Charlotte Hoskins

It was a great experience, thanks to Junmar and his love for boxing as well as patience and high energy. I loved the youth classes and have grown to love boxing entirely.  Thank you


Zac Thomas
Malone-Porter, WA

This is a really great gym. It is small, with excellent trainers. They are very friendly and knowledgable and push you beyond your limits when you need it, but they also let you work out on your own, at your own pace, with or without instruction. I was there for about a year, and Junmar, Rich, and the rest of the trainers helped me recover from injuries, get back in shape and compete in the ring.


Ed Gorena

Went to one class so far… Good workout. Liked the pad work. Good instructor.


Justin S.
Toronto, ON

This gym is simply the best. It is a real boxing gym with classes that suit the boxer and non-boxer. Junmar and Richard run an organized, clean place. They hold two or three classes a day, a kids program, a sparring program, amateur boxing events and, having recently turned pro, you can go to see Junmar box in professional events.
The vibe is always friendly, respectful and positive from both the staff and the members. The rates are very reasonable and the quality of the classes and the instruction you get in unparallelled.
I have  tried out a number of gyms, boxing, non-boxing and The Stockyards is the best that I have had the pleasure of attending. It’s a no b.s., down to earth, friendly-but-firm gym that inspires you to work hard – which is really what its all about, right?


York, ON

My son has been attending the after school kids classes for a few months now and he loves it.  The instructor, Junmar, is really amazing with kids and they want to work hard for him.  My son has numerous issues with coordination, gross and fine motor skills, but he is motivated in class and his teachers at school have noticed a difference in the above.  He was a kid who couldn’t skip to save his life, Junmar never made him feel bad about it, he told him every class that yes he could do it – and now he does.  The classes are a great workout!  I would definitely recommend the kids class!


Barrie, ON

Best Gym ever, the people there is amazing: trainers, members, everyone!!!  I really miss you guys.


Toronto, ON

Great place, great coaches. Has a really strong amateur boxing program, with many fighters competing for the club, but is not boxing exclusive – the fitness classes are fantastic and most importantly, the gym is welcoming and friendly. If you want to get in shape, break a sweat, fight, or just train, its a place to be. Ive been a member since the gym opened and am really happy with it.


Toronto, ON

best gym in the area! Been to other boxing gyms in the area, and am so happy i found stockyards! Amazing trainers ( junmar ) kicks my ass! Such a welcoming place! Congrats on your one year anniversary! Well done boys!


Atlanta, GA

I’ve checked this club out at George Bell Arena. Great facility and knowledgeable experienced coaches.